We have a winner! Hand & Foot Tournament: April 2023

April showers couldn’t put out the raging fire that was the Hand & Foot Friends & Family Edition SOLO and TEAM tournaments. For those new to our community, you need a pulse to play in these monthly tournaments, no bots allowed!

In the SOLO showdown, Donna (donna756) and Jenny (jenny1058) clashed in a heart-stopping final. These fierce competitors gave it their all, trading blows in a thrilling back-and-forth duel. In the end, only 155 points separated our two gladiators, and it was Jenny who emerged victorious, snatching her second-consecutive monthly tournament win! Way to go, Jenny! 🎉

Meanwhile, in the TEAM tournament, a high-octane battle ensued as seasoned champs Linda (linda24) and Donna (donna756) squared off against the dynamic duo of Denver (Denver1953) and Tina (tina227). Sparks flew as these card-wielding warriors engaged in a titanic tussle for ultimate bragging rights. In the end, it was the indomitable pairing of Linda and Donna who emerged triumphant, claiming victory! Hats off to Linda and Donna for notching their sixth team victory! 🎉

A special shout out to Donna for making it to the finals of both tournaments in the same month – woo hoo!

A massive thank you to all our tournament participants this month! If you didn’t conquer the competition or missed out on the action, don’t fret – the May tournament is just around the corner! Reach out to our Help Desk if you’re itching to get in on the fun! To check out the hall of fame and get the lowdown on past tournaments, visit our blog.

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