We have a winner! Hand & Foot Tournament: May 2023

As May flowers bloomed, so did the heat of competition in our Hand & Foot Friends & Family Edition SOLO and TEAM tournaments. These monthly showdowns remind us that all you need is a heartbeat to take part, no bots allowed!

In the SOLO competition, the stakes were high as Donna (donna756) and Michael (michaelcox905) pitted their wits against each other in a heart-pounding finale. The two warriors battled relentlessly, card for card. Donna emerged victorious, seizing her first win in this tournament series! Congratulations, Donna! 🎉

Shifting gears to the TEAM tournament, the tables were set for an exhilarating duel. The experienced team of Linda & Donna, previous tournament winners, went head to head with the forceful pair, Bill & Jeremy. This electrifying face-off ended with a triumphant victory for Bill & Jeremy, marking their first win in our tournament series! Bravo, Bill & Jeremy! 🎉

We want to extend a special mention to Donna for her outstanding performance in both the SOLO and TEAM tournaments for two consecutive months – a fantastic achievement!

A big thank you to all our tournament participants this month! If you didn’t make it to the top this time or missed out on the action, worry not – the June tournament is on its way! Feel free to reach out to our Help Desk if you’re eager to join in the excitement! To see the hall of fame and learn more about past tournaments, visit our blog.

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