How To Play Hand & Foot Canasta

Don’t be a Canasta disastah’, become a Canasta mastah’!™

Learn how to play Hand & Foot Canasta with training resources from expert players. Be sure to first sign up here to create a free Hand & Foot Friends & Family Edition account. And we recommend talking a quick look at our online Tutorial just after you sign up.

Loved your video tutorials!! Thanks so much for sharing some of your tips for playing more effectively. I had been testing out some strategies lately with some not so good results so I welcomed hearing about practiced strategies that can help.  Even though I had figured out a few of them,  I felt more confident that I was making better choices and playing was more fun. Thanks again. 

Rebecca, HFFE Member Since September 2021

Training Videos

In these videos (Training Games 4473 – Rounds of 50, 90, 120, and 150) you will learn…

  • How to start a new game
  • Overview of the Game Board
  • Basic strategy for how to play 2-player Hand & Foot Canasta games
  • How to discard
  • Why it’s important to pick up the pile
  • How to increase your game score
  • How to trick your opponent into giving you the pile
  • How to “sandbag”
  • How to cultivate your hand so that you can meld all the cards in one turn and get your foot
  • Why it’s important to go out before your opponent can get their foot
  • How to decide when to go out versus staying in the round to build more points
HFFE Training Game 4473 – Round of 50
HFFE Training Game 4473 – Round of 90
HFFE Training Game 4473 – Round of 120
HFFE Training Game 4473 – Round of 150