Our Story

Our Story

? Hi there. My name is Walter and ever since I can remember my family has played cards.

At first Canasta, and then a version of Canasta called Hand & Foot. We would gather together at summer family reunions and stay up late into the night, and often the next morning, playing together around the table. Even if you were not an actual family member, if you played, you became family.

The summer of 2020 was the first year we could not gather together for our reunion and play Hand & Foot, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I looked at the canasta and Hand & Foot games available online and never found anything that let our family play with the rules we wanted to use. Thus, the idea for Hand & Foot Friends & Family Edition™ was born. It had to accomplish two things: give my family a way to play even when separated geographically AND let us play the way WE wanted to play.

After writing down some notes on what the game should be I started actually developing a prototype of the game in August 2020 and then hired a visual designer to help with the graphics and user interface/experience in October 2020. We finished the initial prototype just in time for Thanksgiving 2020 and have been iterating and improving it ever since. Now we are ready to share it with you.

Our goal is to create the best online version of Hand & Foot available. We hope you and yours experience the joy our family has when we play together, and want you to make the game your own.

3 Comments on “Our Story

  1. Walter, you’ve developed a very enjoyable, jerk free, multi-generational, and easy to follow version of H&F. I’ve played this game on other sites. They may have more bells and whistles, but they are not jerk free and the quality of play leaves something to be desired.I feel a sense of pride knowing that I was around during the early stages of actual play.
    Good luck and keep the ball rolling.

  2. Walter congratulations on creating this on-line version of canasta. I am a senior citizen and the beauty of this game is that I am able keep in touch with my children (who live in 3 different states) and grandchildren who also play canasta.

    Thank you. Words cannot express my gratitude for your vision to keep family and friends in touch. Most importantly – it is fun – and the addition of the tournament play is outstanding, however my two granddaughters beat me in the tournament. (Smiles)
    I agree with Max – keep the ball rolling.

    Faye from New York

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