Hand & Foot Tournament: July 2021 (Update: Second Round)

Hand & Foot Tournament: July 2021 (Update: Second Round)

Round 1 of our first tournament is in the books! Congratulations to Max, Linda, and Jaida for advancing to the second round. I am the fourth player after eking out a victory against Blanche.

The highlight of the first round was the epic battle between Jaida and Michelle. Michelle was the number one seed going into the tournament as she had the highest winning percentage in two- and four-player games. As you can see from the screenshot above Jaida jumped out to an early lead in the first and second rounds (Rounds of 50 and 90) but then Michelle came roaring back in the third round (Round of 120). In fact, Michelle won the fourth round (Round of 150) as well but fell short in the overall game score by just 180 points. Awesome match and good luck in Round 2 Jaida!

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