Daily Tournament Update from Friday, Oct 22

Daily Tournament Update from Friday, Oct 22

Another outstanding day of Hand & Foot Canasta in the first and only online Daily Duplicate Hand & Foot Tournament, exclusive to HFFE members! We continue to have a strong turnout as we start our fourth week of play so thanks to everyone for playing!

In our SOLO tournament angie62 and linda24 blew the rest of the field away, taking the top 2 spots with scores of 17,570 and 16,365, respectively. After our two leaders, georgetown74, KathyMom, and michelle21 rounded out the top 5. 

In our TEAM tournament, the top 3 were bunched up close together, with georgetown74 barely coming out on top, followed closely by terri227, and carolyn253 in third spot. Maxi-taxi and linda24 took spots four and five respectively.

A special welcome to gwen419 as a first-time player in our SOLO and TEAM tournament games – woo hoo!

In the October Monthly standings, georgetown74 continues to lead in the SOLO and TEAM tournaments with KathyMom occupying second in the SOLO and terri227 taking the second spot for the TEAM standings. Just 8 days left of play for points to count towards the October standings.

No matter how you did for the Friday tournament the daily scores reset and we get to do it all over again today. If you know of anyone else who wants to play remember they can play for free for 14 days with no credit card required. You can share this link to get them signed up:  https://app.hffe.fun?signup=1 Have fun everyone!

Oh, and one more thing… Due to the amazing response to the Daily Tournament, HFFE is offering an October promotion as a thank you for all our Daily Tournament players. If you play at least one Daily Tournament game during the month of October you can give a free one-month subscription to any new player you invite. There are three easy steps: 1) play at least one Daily Tournament game before October 31st, 2021, 2) invite a new player to sign up (https://app.hffe.fun?signup=1), and 3) send the username or email address of the player you invited to our Help Desk and we will credit their free month (which will be in addition to their 14-day free trial period).

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