Don’t be a Canasta disastah’, become a Canasta mastah’!™

We are excited to announce a new training section for HFFE on how to play Hand & Foot Canasta. This page will feature videos and other resources from expert players to teach basic and advanced strategies to help you improve your game. We are starting small and will build over time. In our first video, Walter Carl, the creator of Hand & Foot Friends & Family Edition, plays against Seymour, one of our computer opponents, and narrates each play to help new and experienced players gain insight into the decision-making process while playing a 2-player game.

3 Comments on “Don’t be a Canasta disastah’, become a Canasta mastah’!™

  1. I really appreciate your training page. I have played Canasta but I have heard people talk about playing hand and foot. I wasn’t brave enough to jump in and start playing. I have my account so I hope to play against the computer this week. Thank.

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