We have a winner! Hand & Foot Tournament: August 2022

In our August SOLO Hand & Foot Canasta tournament, Michael (michaelcox905) and Kathy (KatMom) faced off in the finals. This was Michael’s first time and Kathy’s second time. Like many of the final games it could have gone either way at the end. Congratulations Michael! 🎉

In our August TEAM tournament final Tina (tina559) & Nancy (charlie33) played Terri (terri227) and Marcia (marcia925) in the finals. Terri & Marcia came out on top this time but let’s see what happens in the September tourney!

Thanks to all of our tournament players this month. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this tournament or missed it – the September tournament will begin shortly! Contact our Help Desk if you want to play!

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