We have a winner! Hand & Foot Tournament: January 2023

In our January SOLO Hand & Foot Canasta tournament, Terri (terri227) and Angie (angie62) met in the championship game. Terri, a two-time finalist, faced off against Angie, a three-time champion. The game was a close one, with Terri striking first in Round 1, followed by Angie coming back in Round 2. Terri then won Round 3 and Angie won Round 4, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Terri’s lead from the first and third rounds. In the end, Terri emerged victorious and secured her first monthly tournament win. Congratulations Terri! 🎉

In the January Hand & Foot Canasta TEAM tournament, Linda (linda24) and Donna (donna756) faced off against Tina (tina559) and Denver (Denver1953) in the championship game. Linda and Donna were seasoned veterans, having won the tournament three times before, while Tina and Denver were competing in their first championship game as a team. The first two rounds were very close in score. However, Linda and Donna used rounds 3 and 4 to extend their lead, winning both rounds convincingly. Congratulations to Tina and Denver on making it to the finals the first time as a team, and to Linda and Donna for notching their fourth championship win! 🎉

Thanks to all of our tournament players this month. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this tournament or missed it – the February tournament will begin shortly! Contact our Help Desk if you want to play!

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